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Helpful Storage Tips

Here are some tips to help protect and preserve your stored items.

Place boxes and items that need to be accessed frequently closer to the front of the unit.
Use tissue, paper towels, or foam sleeves when packing fragile items, such as fine china. Be sure to avoid using newsprint paper because the ink may rub off and stain these items.
Draw a diagram of any complicated electronics setup so you know where to plug in each cable when you arrive at your new destination!
Use a mattress bag to protect your mattress from dust, soil or water during the moving and storage process.
To save space, disassemble large furniture before moving or storing.
Save on packing materials by using your blankets, pillows, etc. to cushion items you are packing.
Use same-sized boxes to make stacking easy.
Stack books instead of storing them on end, which can damage the books spine.
Assemble an "open me first" box with items you use daily such as toothpaste, shampoo, change of clothes etc.
Wardrobe boxes allow you to leave clothing on hangers and can also be used to store and move drapes and bedding.
When stacking boxes in your storage unit, place heavier boxes on the bottom.
Before packing, sort items into "keep," "discard" and "donate/sell" piles to avoid moving items you no longer use.
Use a trash can to store rakes, shovels and similar items.
Many liquor stores give away durable boxes with dividers that work well for moving glasses or wine bottles.
Use a small carton to transport books, so they aren't too heavy to lift.
Label all boxes, and pack items from the same room together in the same box for easier unpacking.
Leave an aisle open in the middle of your unit so you can access items in the back.
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