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Rules & Regulations

1) Do not block entry or driveways or prevent other customers from access to their storage units.

2) Facility speed limit is 10 MPH.

3) Use your gate code EVERY time you enter or exit. Tailgating may cause the gate to close on your vehicle or lock you inside.

4) Renters are responsible for all guests or individuals they allow to enter.

5) The dumpster is exclusively for the use of the Property Manager. Renter/customer dumpster use is not permitted without prior permission and a prepaid fee of $50.00 per occurrence.

6) Only one lock is permitted per storage unit. Double locked and inappropriately placed locks will be removed for a fee of $35.00 per occurrence.

7) The property may only be used for self storage. All items must be placed inside the storage unit. Loitering, upholding a business office, vehicle/motor maintenance and all other non-self storage activities are not permitted.

8) Do not store food, beverages, or consumable goods. Food and any items that smell will attract pests into your unit (this includes: dog food, scented detergents, cereal, canned food, etc.)

9) We require written permission and a prepaid fee of $25.00 to cut a lock. Lock-cutting requires prior notice and Property Manager approval.

10) Owner/Operator may update or change the Rules & Regulations from time to time. Renter agrees to abide by all posted Rules & Regulations and all posted signage.

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