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Monona Self Storage FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Most items are allowed, including but not limited to: furniture, documents, vehicles and others. We do not permit Renters to store food, flammable items, tires, or any hazardous or illegal materials.
Most of our leases are month to month, but some may require a minimum lease term. Please call the property manager for details.
Our security gates allow access from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. You will be assigned a gate code after you sign your lease. We reserve the right to disable the gate system from time to time to perform routine maintenance, make repairs, upgrade or update the computer or gate system or for other reasonable purposes.
No, there are several types of locks that are suitable for self storage doors. You are required to use your own lock. If you do not have one, you can purchase one in our office.
No. Like most storage facilities we do not insure your property. You will need to obtain stored property insurance if you do not already have coverage through your renter's or home owner's policy. We have inexpensive insurance available for purchase in the office. We require you to either purchase insurance when you rent or provide us with a declaration page for your existing insurance policy.
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No, we cannot accept mail or other deliveries on your behalf. If you wish to grant access to a moving company or delivery service you will need to coordinate activities directly with them; please use care and caution if you choose to provide others with your access code or key as your guests are your responsibility.
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
You have several options. We accept major credit cards, debit/bank cards, money orders, and cash; cash payments should be made with the exact amount as we do not keep any change on-site.
  • Online - Pay your rent online 24-hours a day!
  • AutoPay - You can elect to have automatic billing, where your credit or debit card is automatically charged each month. AutoPay Form
  • Mail - You can mail payments to Monona Self Storage, 6301 Copps Ave, Monona WI 53716-3753
  • Kiosk - You can pay via credit/debit card, cash or ACH (business or personal check required) at our rental and payment kiosk, located in the office vestibule. The kiosk does not accept money orders or coins. Please note the kiosk will credit any cash overpayment towards next month's rent.
Yes. Your lease requires written notice of intent to vacate on or before the 15th of month in which you plan to vacate. (For instance, if you plan to move out by June 30th, you will need to give notice by June 15th.) All leases are month-to-month, so the last day of your lease is the last day of the month. You may be assigned a move out time. There is no discount for moving out before the last day of the month, however, please plan your move out carefully because holding over renews the obligation to pay rent for a month and may result in us relocating your items if the unit has already been re-rented. If you choose not to give notice, you may be charged additional rent and/or late fees.
Within four (4) weeks of the last day of your lease. To ensure that you receive your deposit back, please give notice of when you plan to move out, make sure the property manager has your current address on file, clean and remove all items from your unit and remove your lock.
No, you are not able to enter into a legal contract (i.e. rent a storage unit) on behalf of another individual unless you have power-of-attorney documents.
No, you will need to coordinate access directly from the renter.
Yes. In addition to stocking locks, we stock mattress covers, boxes, packing tape, and many other moving and storage supplies. You can also purchase a lock using our self service kiosk, located in the office entry.
Yes. We use a professional pest control management service; however, they do not have access to your unit. To minimize the chance of having a pest in your unit, avoid storing food items.
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